Mailing Services

Another advantage to working with us is our ability to MAIL the project once it’s been designed and produced.

Qwestcom clients will always can feel certain their mailers and delivered projects get out the door on time and to the right households with precision. (And our pricing is the best in the industry.)

We have capability for:

  • CASS Certification

  • Automation

  • Inkjetting destination addresses

  • Laser Imaging Envelopes

  • Hand & Machine Inserting

  • Sealing

  • Hand Tabbing

  • Machine Tabbing

  • Mail Match

  • Live Stamp

Whether it’s postcards, newsletters, letters, annual reports, or special promotional products, we make certain your mailing hits appropriately.

USPS rates/systems we use:

  • Standard mailing

  • First class mailing

  • Pre-Sorted First Class mailing

  • Palletized mail

And we’ll also deliver your order to the post office personally, if that what’s needed.

Direct mail Targeting and List Management

Direct mail is an effective means of marketing because of your ability not only to control when your mailing goes out the door, but also who receives it. Targeting your mailing reduces your overall costs and enhances the likelihood of your impression making an impact. 

Qwestcom can build mailing lists for your targeted audiences throughout the country. Specifically, we:

  • Manage lists

  • Generate lists

  • Eliminate duplications in your lists

  • Verify point of delivery

  • Ensure your list accuracy with National Change of Address